Thursday, October 21, 2010

I really really wish I was a neat freak!  
I want my house to be spotless and perfectly organized always. 
How does one train themselves to become a neat freak? Is it even possible? Oh, please say it is! 

Now more then ever with the baby I feel things spiraling out of control and the only thing that makes me feel better is when every room in the house is clean and put together. Which as you can imagine hasn't exactly happened since bringing the baby home :) 
You know how everyone tells you to sleep when he does well the minute he falls asleep and I put him down (and he stays down - another challenge :)) I rush around the house like a mad woman tidying up as quickly as possible. 
Yes, this does mean that when nighttime comes I panic because I'm completely exhausted and facing another night of sleep in intervals of 2 -3 hours but I can't stop myself. I just feel so wonderful and accomplished and capable of anything when the house is clean. 

I think my two favorite words in the English language are clean and organized. 
How do I become Mrs. Clean?
I get a little giddy when they are used. The problem is executing them is a lot harder then buying products that promise to help you achieve them. 
So my focus for now is going to be to achieve neat freak status and stop chasing these two words and instead live by them (oh yeah, and do this with a newborn...) 

Any advice? 


How to Organize your Laundry Room

Photo Credit: Thomas J. Story

22 Ways to Organize Your Bookcases

well now that I'm inspired it's off to do the dishes......

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  1. Get some help! A relative to give you a nap in the afternoon so you are recharged and ready to do more, a cleaning lady once a month, anything/everything helps!!! I didn't get to the point where my child and home where in order until about month 7! The first few months are tough enough....don't put so much pressure on yourself!!!


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