Friday, March 25, 2011

Very Lovely Vases

Floral - green & yellow
I love vases, sometimes more then the flowers inside, they are such beautiful ornamental home accessories. 
Also versatile,
 as they don't always have to be filled with flowers, when the vase itself is a statement piece it can hold it's own on the dining room table, counter top or on a nightstand as a piece of art & design.

Ohh and if you're wondering yes, that is a lotus votive candle holder and not a vase, I just thought it looked pretty right in that corner :) 


  1. I love bright funky vases, gone are the days of boring plain glass vases like my mum had, we love colour

  2. you're right, it is pretty! And now you've got me thinking I need more colored glass vases! ;P


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