Monday, May 9, 2011

What's Cooking?

- Lentil Soup -
I always try to have a nice big pot of soup in the fridge during the week.
It makes a wonderful light dinner when paired with a salad and some warm toasty bread.

As you know from my 'tweet's' I recently confessed that I have trouble following recipes but I have some good amateur pictures to compensate for that :) 

The onions sauteing in my huge 6 quart soup pot

I didn't add the called for carrots because I decided to add.....
wait for it.....

(and I didn't think they would play off of each other well in this particular soup)
I'm on a cauliflower kick lately, especially for soups it creates such a great base both of flavor and texture

Here I added the dry lentils to the pot

Filled the pot with water, added herbs (thyme & some fresh rosemary, salt & pepper) 

Let it boil and then simmer and after some cleanup and a few dishes 


Delicious lentil soup for dinner. 

not the prettiest soup to photograph, hehehe :) but it tasted amazing! 

Serving Suggestion: 
With some of the heartier soups I like adding a scoop of cooked rice to the bowl. 


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  1. this looks right up my alley. too bad the husband hates lentil soup so i never get the chance to make it.


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