Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wait Till You See This!!

I couldn't wait to share this all with you. 
Jen Ramos of Made By Girl fame has recently launched a new store called 

which features her artwork.
There is no way for me to describe in words her talent.
Let's just say I'm infatuated with her work and I think she is amazing! :)

This is one of my favorite paintings. 


Kinda reminds me of the MAC lipstick display at the department store, that's probably why I like it so much - hahaha :) 
No seriously, I'm already designing a room around it (my husband says 'thanks a lot' Jen!). 
So run and check out Jen's new store and be sure to drop by her blog MadebyGirl

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  1. Ruthie! thank you for blogging about Cocoa & Hearts!
    I will mention you in a thank you post on my blog! :)))


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