Monday, August 8, 2011

In Case You Missed It...

I'm changing some things up with the look of the blog. (insert, duh - for those of you who aren't just dropping by for the first time, this is obvious) for some reason I can't leave well enough alone and the fact that Blogger was doing something funny to my layout was all the incentive I needed. Also the fact that we haven't yet moved into our 'forever' home so reading all my design blogs leaves me wanting to re-do something :) and until I have a home I guess this lil ol' blog is it (sorry in advance blog.)

I have multiple personalities when it comes to design. One moment I'm loving sleek and modern and the next I'm loving country luxe (this is also painfully evident if you follow my Pinterest boards) so just in the past few days that I've been playing around with the look of LLL (my nickname for said blog) I've gone in many different directions with everything from the layout & template to the colors and design. I also want to try going the route of DIY. Don't get me wrong I've been coveting Faboulous K Creative's new site and blog design work sprinkled all over blog land but until I can justify the price tag for a blog design I'm going to try it myself. Don't misunderstand, I think that's very reasonable for the work she does, it's just until I commit myself more seriously to this blog (ie: posting every day, quality of posts (ahem) I don't want to spend that kind of money. Anyways there are shoes to be bought :) 

Hope to be back with a Blog mood board of sorts. 

See ya then!
 xoxo Ruthie 

ps - How ironic that Made By Girl mentioned my blog, right as I went into re-do mood on my site! For all you visitors, I promise it usually looks a little better over here, please excuse the mess from construction :) 

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