Sunday, September 25, 2011

Images that Inspire

Even though it's not my personal taste (the dark paneled walls & boat chandelier) I'm finding this living room of designer Nanett Lepore totally inspiring. Maybe it's the bold use of color & combination of styles or just the very fact that it's not a look I would think of for my own home but regardless of the why, I'm completely inspired...and I hope you are too! 

Here are some more shots from her home: 

I think I'm in love with the use of the citron color in both images! And the perfection she achieved with the drapes! 


  1. Look at that sea blue curtains and fabulous chandelier! I love how they add pinches of bright colors over dark walls!

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  3. I really do love bright bold colors and the contrasts they create.. but with the first image I can't help but wonder what gary and elaine were thinking when they bought that chandelier ;) xoxo


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