Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Not Mellow Yellow!

Please indulge me for a minute while I share way too many photos of one of the 'happiest' outfits ever. Do you ever have that, where an outfit just makes you happy? That's what this one was for me. Something about the yellow and blue just made me giddy! I had a lot of fun all day wearing these crazy  patterned pants, so much so that I had to throw on the funny mustache neon yellow necklace :) 

Hope these pictures make you happy but don't say I didn't warn you. 
{Warning: Lots of pictures ahead. Might make you very happy!} 

Thanks for making it down to the end :) Hope you're having a great Tuesday! 


  1. Cute! Love the pops of yellow. I love the blog and am a happy new follower!


  2. OMG I die for those pants! Totally wish I would have snagged them when they were available! Ebay scavenger hunt!!


  3. Adore those pants!! I would definitely wear this to work or running around town... very cute!


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