Monday, December 20, 2010

Dream Dressing ~ Edgy Chic

When it comes to dressing and style I'm like ying and yang. I crave comfort on the inside but seriously desire stylish put together perfection on the outside. 
I want to feel like I'm wearing sweat pants but look like I'm wearing (insert favorite designer, brand, trend, here.) 
Enter black leggings.
With accessories such as multiple statement rings (btw -great way to look put together but not affect comfort!), red lipstick and a sequined top no one will even care that you are wearing leggings.
You'll just look super stylish and edgy - ka ching! 



  1. LOVE this look. However 6 weeks post baby, not ready for that short of top with leggings yet! ;) One day.....

  2. um Missy that's not what your photos on the blog are telling me. You look AMAZING!!!

  3. I am dying for that Chanel nail polish, beyond gorgeous! Another outfit that is right up my alley. Girl do you know my taste or what?? Sequins and skinny pants make me very happy!


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