Monday, December 27, 2010

Motherhood Mondays ~ I bought something on this list, eek!

While there are many lists I would love to see myself and mine on ( Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed List, World's Best Mom, Supermodel Wives..should I go on?) {no links for the other lists since I made them up but enjoy all the beautiful people and fabulous fashion on VF's best dressed list and no I didn't make it this year, trying for next} this list definitely WASN'T one of them.

Introducing Parenting dot coms  

Ridiculous Parenting Products List photo gallery

Now I imagine the question running through your head is how can this impossibly chic wonderful mom (moi) be associated with this list and what ridiculous product did she purchase?  


(he's a boy, not saying I wouldn't consider if I have a little princess one day, hehehe)


Was it the Sonogram Cufflinks

It was....Ta Dah

Tummy Tub
While very funny looking I don't think it deserves a spot on this list but nevertheless on this list it is.
{set the scene: Ruthie in front of computer fairly late at night}  
Imagine my shock when I'm clicking through this photo gallery laughing at all these ridiculous products (oh there are more dear friends, can I interest you in a Placenta Teddy Bear?) people buy for their kids congratulating myself on being such a practical parent when there it was staring back at me from the screen. The bathtub I had just purchased for the lil' one. First came 'EEEEK', then came 'Oh the SHAME'!! 
And then I got over it. 

Oh well we can't win them all can we (and by that I mean can't win them ever, see above lists that I'm NOT on) 

P.s - My thoughts/review on the Tummy Tub coming soon to a post near you


  1. Too funny! I'll now think of you as a celebrity Mom with your fancy tub!

    Can you encrust it with some crystals?


  2. That is funny!!! I can't imagine the pacifier even being very safe. What if a crystal fell off?? Cute post. ;) Thanks for the visit today!

  3. So that first pillow is hilarious. And don't feel bad, I've heard a lot of good things about that tub!!


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