Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nails & Babies

Quick question for you all: 
How on earth do you do your nails when you have a baby?? 
I love to do my own nails and have always treasured the time when I choose my color and go sit down for an uninterrupted amount of time and lovingly polish my nails.  

Since I couldn't complete a manicure without chipping or denting my just polished nails I created some guidelines for me. 
Here they are: 
1) couldn't be after 7pm - otherwise they weren't dried solid by bed time and I would wake up with sheet creases - true story 
2) had to have uninterrupted time - I would always make sure I had a block of around 45 minutes in which I wouldn't need to do anything because otherwise painting my nails would look like this:

3) sink had to be free of dishes :) 
So as you can see dear readers in the past two months since giving birth NEVER have all 3 rules been attainable. I guess now is a good time to mention that my little munchkin doesn't nap. Yes, you heard me, he is awake all day long!! So finding time where I have even half an hour that I don't need my hands is literally impossible. 
While you think up a solution for me browse a little in the world of nails....

Essie 'Mint Candy Apple' 

Chanel Particuliere Nail Lacquer Swatches, Review, Photos
Chanel 'Particuliere' #505

OPI 'Ink'

L to R: Electric Eel, Creme De Menthe, Jasper Jade, Rainforest, Real Teal
from Pretty Random's blog post on old OPI greens - check it out here!  

Can't wait till my digits look presentable again!! :)

~ xoxo Ruthie 


  1. Well the sad news is that you won't be able to have perfectly polished nails much anymore! I used to get a mani like every other week before I had my baby boy, now I am most def not paying a babysitter to get my nails done. Usually I paint them at night after he has gone to bed. I am dying for that Chanel nail color, it is gorgeous. Actually going to attempt to paint my nails tonight for a holiday party this weekend, wish me luck;)

  2. Hello, Hello! I must say after reading through your lovely blog,we have a lot in common!!! The most helpful/smartest thing we did after Carson was born was hire cleaning people! It saved my life I swear! I am just like you I feel on top of the world when my house is perfect :) Now on the nail thing mine look like poo, so I cant help there!


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