Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nails & Nap Time

Big YAY!! on both accounts although to be fair I have no idea which I'm more excited about.
I started a bedtime routine with my lil' one and it's worked miracles. The other night I actually got a babysitter and went out after putting the baby to bed. An additional perk is that he is slowly learning to take naps during the day. They are short sunbursts of around 30 min where I can breathe with empty hands (or to be honest it's bathroom, food, take care of dog time but I like the image of a sunburst a little better) {If anyone has any advice on how to get him to start taking fewer but longer naps I would appreciate it!}
Since there is now some down time for me during the course of a day, today (drum roll please!) I painted my nails. As you can see from here this has been a very futile goal of mine for a looonnnggg time.
I have to admit inspiration hit from seeing Lisa of Stilettos and Diaper Bags with fabulous looking nails here and here. Thanks Lisa!!

So for today's nail color I went with....

Pamplona Purple 

that's what I call a good great day!

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