Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Confession of the Haute Homemaker

This might make me not so haute but I'm a Martha groupie. Yes, I'm talking about THE Martha as in Martha Stewart. There is just something about her that I really like but more importantly I LOVE her website. Super informative and very broad (if you like food, cooking and more food, I guess.) She also writes a blog with great pictures of her life and travels - take a look here.

Last year I actually saw her TV show in person. The one downer of that visit was that it was a gardening show (no particular interest of mine at the moment) so the giveaway wasn't some cool camera, organizational product or baking pan, no it was a set of starter pots for plants made out of MANURE! Yes, manure - to give you an idea the name of the product is Cow Pots {see below}.

Besides for that it was a fun experience. Take a look:

sign in the entrance of building
the holding room - before we were taken into the studio
the studio! 

busy preparations before the start of the show

answering audience questions during a commercial break
look how chic she looks!
So when I post things from her site in the future let it be known that I gave you fair warning!

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