Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Skip*Hop Pronto chainging pad clutch arrived today. I'm so excited!!
I choose the black version with this fun green/yellow/blue print on the inside changing pad.

FYI, I ordered it from a great site
enter here
I've been so impressed with them. Great prices, great service and quick delivery. This is the second time I ordered from them and each time the order arrived the day after I placed it.
They have all kinds of discounts on specific products and sales running almost all the time so most of the products I ordered ending up being cheaper from there then any other place I found on the web. 
They also have a cool referral program. 

where a new customer gets 15% off their first order and you get a $10 credit. 
I'm including my referral code below so if any of you want to check out the site you can enjoy the discounts (and I'll enjoy the store credit :) ) 

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Some of the other items I ordered from them are... 

 1) The Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Grey
Shout out to GeorgieGirl who alerted me to this baby carrier on her blog - see her 'can't live without' post here
I did a little research and it seems to be a great choice. I especially like the silver grey color and the embroidered star pattern. I thought it added a little pizazz while still being neutral enough for the husband to use (he has expressed an interest in wearing the baby so I'm hoping that will be his method of bonding and caring for the little one so getting a carrier he will use was essential.) I might be a little ashamed (then again maybe not) to admit that I also did a mental scan of my wardrobe to asses which color/pattern would go best with the majority of my clothes. I liked the black option since it's such a classic choice that will go well with everything but it had a camel color lining that I didn't like too much. 

so Galaxy Grey it was. Bonus - the infant insert matched the star pattern which makes it totally adorable. 
Ergo Baby Infant Insert Heart 2 Heart 
one of the other items was the 2) the Bebe au Lait Aero Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover
Bebe Au Lait
I can't resist showing you an up close of this pattern. I LOVE it! Such a perfect shade of green! In person it's upbeat and perky. 
and it comes with a convenient pouch to store it in so it doesn't get all shmushed in your diaper bag.
(okay, as cool as the pouch is, I just really wanted another picture to show you how cute this pattern is) 

and one of my favorite purchases the 3) Aden & Anais Oh My! Swaddle Wrap blankets 
aden & anais
I also found out about these from Young House Love (see previous post on diaper bags as they were the ones who alerted me to the Pronto changing clutch.) Check out their post on must haves here
On the last meeting of my birth preparation course the teacher showed us a short video called 'The Happiest Baby on the Block' by a Dr. Harvey Karp. I was very intrigued by the method so I picked up the book (of the same title) and am in middle of reading it. I've read enough to understand the swaddling method he advises and I think I'm going to give it a try. I was super excited to hear that these blankets are perfect for that and I can't wait to try them! 

What are your 'can't live without baby products/purchases? And have any of you tried the swaddling method? Any advice for the newbie would be appreciated. :) 

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