Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lists, Lists & Lists Galore

Lists are another thing (along with copious amounts of office supplies) that make me feel organized. On a sub-conscious level I get that it's what you do with the list that determines whether you are organized or not but regardless I like lists. On the same vein are printable templates. So allow me to share some of my faves.

See Jane Work - cute & stylish office supplies
wow! I want to buy everything and they carry everything this girl could want.
From Jonathan Adler highlighters

to the Life.doc organizing binder. 
But back to the point at hand. On the site's blog, aptly titled 'Pulling It Together' they have the most wonderful 'to do' list template - download it here.  

isn't it cute?

Another great site I just discovered is...

momAgenda - looking around this beautiful site seriously makes me believe I can be an organized person and they make it look like such fun to boot! They have a fantastic selection of printables. Check them all out here and here. I don't think I can resist printing them all out, even the ones I have no need for like the back to school checklist :)

There is so much more out there....what are some of your favorite organizing supply sites or great printables? Share the love!


  1. Okay, this is right up my ally! No, I do not have more then a pad of paper, but I am such a lists girl! I use them daily and would be lost with out them. Maybe I need to upgrade my pad of paper.....

  2. I'm with you! I love those Jonathan Adler highlighters and I have the orange mom agenda, but I think I like looking at it more than I've actually used it. Need to change that!


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