Sunday, September 12, 2010

Titled: Magazine Organization or My Husbands Sanity

As I've mentioned before I LOVE magazines.

The 3 titles that I will practically kill for are:
Vogue September 2010
Vanity Fair September 2010
Instyle September 2010

Although if handed a magazine of any variety I will enjoy it, with the possible exception of Field and Stream.

So far sounds perfect right? Well the problem comes with the fact that I will NOT throw out any issue I acquire of these 3 titles. You're a sharp cookie if the latter title is starting to make sense to you right about now... :) Frankly I think I'm being resonable that it's only these 3 I hold on to, I could keep everything!
I find myself always going back to past issues for inspiration and the beauty of them make them items of worth to me. These magazines have been with me through all of life's big changes - one might even get the coveted position of 'visual imagry' for labor - hehehe.

Needless to say as I clear out the bedroom to create my nursery I'm looking for a solution.

I found this magazine organization project from Deliciously Organized

Check out the details here.

I would love to display them and use them for decor (the spines of InStyle would add such a nice dose of color to the living room) so I'm considering hanging up some Lack shelving from Ikea and arranging them spine out by the couch.

Love the varitey of great options from this old post 'Magazine Storage Guide' on Design*Sponge 

What is your favorite?

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