Friday, September 24, 2010

Dream Dressing ~ Still Summertime?

I can't give up summertime dressing just yet so you'll pardon me while we take a walk down the boardwalk in this delightful dress. 
The shoes make me speechless, the only words I can make out are "I", "want" & "need"..... 

Summertime Still?


  1. Super cute look!!! Dream dressing is fun, isn't it?!
    I have way to may hypothetical outfits for if I wasn't pregnant or if I had all the money in the world! haa Too fun!

  2. Too cute!! No baby yet?? My sis-n-law just had a baby girl on Wed- soooo sweet--sooo teeny!! Wishing you a smooth deliver and healthy mom and baby!

  3. Lisa - all we have are our dreams (while preggers at least! :) )
    Megan - still waiting.....ahhhh - so hard! But I'm so excited to hold him so I guess the waiting will be worth it. Thanks for your good wishes!


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