Saturday, September 4, 2010

Modern Motherhood ~ The Diaper Bag Search

I'm supposed to be shopping for diaper bags but somehow I can't keep away from these beauties on ( I LOVE window shopping...from my browser window :) )

Halston Heritage - Brandy Stingray-Embossed Leather Satchel

Like it....
Marc Jacobs

Love it!

'downtown chic'
Cole Haan - Bailey Leather Convertible Hobo Satchel

WOW! I don't know if I have words for this beauty. Not to be melodramatic but I LOVE THIS BAG!
Rebecca Minkoff - Nikki Snake-Embossed Leather Hobo

Well, that was super fun!

Now back to reality. Since I haven't really seen a bag I like or think will work for me yet here is what I'm planning on doing. At least for the beginning....

the Skip Hop Pronto! Changing Station $30.00

I first heard about this product from a blog I love to read YoungHouseLove - (see the post where they share their 5 baby lifesavers, including the Pronto, here.) Thanks Petersik family! This changing contraption feels right to me as I was really dreading having to give up carrying my awesome bags and trading it in for a bulky, boxy plasticy diaper bag that by the way was going to set me back anywhere from $50 to $100. With this I can put my diaper changing essentials in it and throw it in one of my bags and go (of course I'm going to make sure the bag I put it in is large enough and not a precious material that could get ruined by any potential baby bombs.)

Another option I'm looking at is the Le Sportsac Ryan Baby Bag.

I love it in the black but they do have a bunch of other fabric & design choices that could be fun, see them all here. I happen to like how the patent black will fit in with my personal style. The bag is pricy at $138.00 but I love that it doesn't have a "typical" diaper bag feel (ie: NOT boxy and made out of crinkly plastic) I saw this hanging out on a friends stroller recently and immediately felt a kinship to it (and plus I loved the way it looked just as a bag before I found out it's actually made to be a diaper bag) so I know we'd be perfect together once I feel the need for more then my Skip Hop clutch to get me through the day.

What do you think of my options? Have you come up with any creative (read: stylish) ways to combine your diaper bag decision with your lifestyle? If so, please share them! I've gotten most of my baby information from awesome blogs and people like you....


  1. Great taste! I purchased a baby bag from Timi and Leslie. I just throw my wallet and lipgloss in and go. People always ask if its my purse or diaper bag...Hehehehe!! wouldn't they like to know, exactly the response I wanted to get when I got it!

  2. I like it. A family friend got us a monogrammed diaper bag that I love, but I realized that I actually don't really use it anymore- my son is 6 months now. I have a stash of diapers and wipes in my car and keep a toy, burp cloth, and pacifier in my purse. It's working for now. Point being- may want to save your money for a nice pair of shoes:) ha!


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