Monday, September 6, 2010

Seeking Inspiration ~ Color Schemes

Okay, I'll admit it. I am nesting but in all fairness I don't think it has as much to do with pregnancy as it does with my desire for my home to reflect and express me and my tastes. Call it whatever you want.

We made the big purchase of a couch and recliner recently, both are pieces that I really love. But it's time for the finishing touches to pull the room together. I need pillows, throws and a rug. I have kept all the large pieces of furniture in the living/dining room the same dark brown so I really want to add color and splash with the decorating and accent pieces.

First task is to choose the color scheme.
This is the perfect time to tell you about my latest "coolest sites ever" site discovery:

 The Color Scheme Designer

A perfect and super fun way to narrow down your color choices and build a really great look. It gives you the option of building color schemes created with complimentary colors, just one color in different hues, up to 4 color schemes and accented colors. This site is a really a great tool . There are some other features as well, for example after you have your colors you can adjust the saturation and brightness and then they even give you a handy color list.

To give you an idea of how this works here is a complimentary color scheme I whipped up on a whim while playing around. 

And then I was able to pull these images with a clear idea of what I was looking for

I can see that it's back to the drawing board working on a color scheme for me :)

Meanwhile please peruse these inspiration photos and give me some input on color - can't wait to hear from you!

May 2010
I love the pink and silver - so modern

This is how I DON'T want my brown couch dominated living room to end up!

Not a fan of the country look but liking the pink elements
I don't know if I would ever do this but I'm liking the richness & boldness.....
definitely ditto :)

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