Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Confession Time

Confessions of a Shopaholic's Rebecca Bloomwood - LOVE that movie :) 

Yes, I know the title of this post is very broad and could include any number of confessions such as a) I haven't showered in a long time (I have an infant, give me a break) b) I haven't dusted under my bed, let alone looked under it in forever c) I ate a chocolate bar yesterday, and as scandalous as those are they are not what I need to confess.
 The true confession is two fold 1) I haven't posted in a long time. Now this fact is very clear and I'm sure you all have noticed by now, that is if you have even stopped by to check :).
The reason for this is part two of my confession 2) I didn't want this blog to turn into a mommy blog. AHAHAHA - there I said it. Every time I would sit down to post I realised everything I wanted to share with you had to do with becoming a mommy, about my ups and downs of the first two months and simply talk about the things that my life is about right now. So I never actually posted anything becuase I hadn't figured out how I felt about it all.
The good news is I had a grown up talk with myself last night and came to the understanding that my life HAS in fact changed and I need to embrace it. No, that doesn't meaning putting on a pair of sweat pants and talking about poopy all day. It just means that my life now includes a precious little cutie and it would stand to reason that my blog would reflect that. I don't have anything against mommy bloggers, in fact they were the ones who have taught me practicly all I know about pregnancy and babies, what baby products to buy, birth and surviving :) I'm eternally grateful. It's just that when I started this blog I wasn't a mommy but now that I am I'M A MOMMY BLOGGER :) and I know I'm joining some very impressive ranks and I look forward to navigating this journey with you all.

~ xoxo Ruthie


  1. Welcome to the mommy blog world! I started my blog after I already had 1 kid, but now after 2 it's way more mommy! Truth be told without it, I'd shower way less, eat way more chocolate, and easily get consumed by 2 small children! You will find you blog to be your saving grace (or sanity saver) and your reason to be fashionable! Good luck, and roll with the changes.....it's more fun this way! ;) Us mommy bloggers are badass! ;)


  2. HAHA! Its like you read my mind! Our lives are different after babies but in a good way! Blogging is such a wonderful creative outlet and I love I can write about my sweet baby or anything else that inspires me! Btw I have not washed my hair in three days! Look forward to reading your blog and congrats on being a new mommy! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I know how you feel girlie! I try to keep my blog focused mainly on decor with a side of baby! ha! I do wish that I had protected my baby's name on my blog instead of just calling him James because now I feel like I wish it were more anonymous- the protective mama coming out in me! Aren't these new baby times so precious?!


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