Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dress of the Day!

Image from InStyle - February 2011 Issue
For this pick it's more like dress of the year! 
I came accross this beauty while purusing the pages of InStyle's Febuary 2011 issue. 
I was awestruck at first glance and then completely overtaken at further inspection. 
More then a piece of clothing this dress is a work of art. 
The dress is made up of what looks like stenciled stiff fabric and delicletly draped to create amazing layers of swirls and waves.
We have all come to expect amazing things from the lovely ladies of Marchesa but even this went above & beyond for me. 
"There were times today at Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig's Marchesa presentation when you couldn't breathe." 
and went on to say  
"it was the dresses—literally breathtaking—all exquisitely wrought this season with orientalist-inspired details" 

I couldn't have said it better or agree more 
"Chapman and Craig have proved time and again they know how to knock them dead. "

Don't you agree? 
Image from InStyle - February 2011 Issue
Marchesa Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Marchesa satin-faced organza dress
Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear


  1.! How would you even wear let alone sit down?! It is very incredible-It's like a beautiful cake...that looks too good to touch!

  2. Beautiful! I would love to own that baby! Having somewhere to wear it too, thats another story!

  3. What a gorgeous dress. We have a Ball to attend this month, if only I had that sucker. ;)

  4. so amazing, if only i had somewhere to wear it!

  5. Stunning! You're right, it's like art work!

  6. Yes, the dress is amazing, such a work of art - but it definitely works better in the ed than it would do on the runway for example! Love those first 2 pics! :)

  7. Love, love, love this dress so much so I had to to use it in my blog header!


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