Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Weeks Task: Returning!!

Happy Sunday everyone. 
We just got back from a delicious massage and jacuzzi time at a local spa. It was heaven! (and much needed!) Now that I'm all relaxed I'm feeling jazzed up to tidy the house from our guest filled weekend. 

As you know from here I'm working my way through a list of traits & habits I hope to acquire throughout the year & tasks I wish to accomplish. 
For this week I think I'm going to finally get around to returing all the things I've borrowed from people.

I have a ton of pregnancy books my friends lent me, containers from when they brought over dinner or even just some coats and scarves people have left here my accident. These items always sneer at me as I"m tidying up or cleaning the house since they don't have a spot they belong in (since they're not mine!) so they get moved from one place to the next and I never quite feel like the place is clean.
I've started seeing these items in my dreams taunting me so I'm excited for this week to finally be rid of it all :)

What's your favorite method for borrowing & returning your friends things.
{I think I've decided on a 'no borrow policy', it just makes things easier to not end up with someone else's stuff that needs returning!}  

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