Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Version of the Resolution Game 2011

One of the reasons I love blogs, blogging & the blogosphere (whew) is because of all
 the amazing bloggers out there with the incredible talents and traits they share with us who inspire me daily.

Reading all your beautiful blogs makes me believe I can clean my house, organize my closet and try a DIY project and dress in fabulous clothing all while being a wonderful mother!
So in honor of all you SuperWoman I thought it would be fun to start January out with a list of traits & habits I hope to acquire throughout the year & tasks I wish to accomplish, see this post for more details.

My hope is that I can take on a new one every week and by the end of the year maybe some of them will have become habits and I'll face the end of next year as a 'better' & more developed version of myself.
I sense a feeling of responsibility towards you all to not let you down, as if you are holding me accountable so this actually has shot at working, so I'm super excited to start!! - hehehe :)

So without further adieu here it is:

  1. do something with my wedding dress and not this!
  2. take vitamins daily
  3. plan a great anniversary gift for our 3rd wedding anniversary, Feb 7th, 2011
  4. brush long haired, shedding machine dog regularly – see # 36
  5. do my nails once a week
  6. take baby’s hand & foot prints each month on his birthday - next one coming up on Jan 3rd J
  7. send more pictures to family
  8. respond to emails & facebook messages right away. The ‘mark as unread’ button is currently my best friend, bad Ruthie, bad Ruthie! New plan is to R & R my emails à Read & Respond.
  9. speak to my family members weekly, calls & skype dates
  10. hang up photos of my family around the house so the baby can ‘meet’ the family
  11. eat through my pantry as much as possible instead of buying new food every week
  12. eat more salads & less sweets
  13. do the dishes every night before bed
  14. start baby’s first year scrapbook
  15. stay well groomed, make appointments before needed - highlights, etc..
  16. learn something new about my babies development, new games to play, great toys for his age
  17. bake more! try out Cake Pops
  18. get dressed fully every day (before 11 J)
  19. be less moody with the hubs after a long day with the babes
  20. be a better, more selective clothes shopper – only buy stuff that fit!!
  21. clean stovetop immediately after cooking each time
  22. do hair and makeup everyday, put in contacts
  23. deep clean a storage box, cupboard or other spots where things gather around the house
  24. have a master to do list – one place for everything, for both the hubs & I
  25. dining table cleared & cleaned every night before bed
  26. hang up some pictures of ‘our lil’ family (us)’ on walls J
  27. go through inspiration file & organize
  28. be happy always! 
  29. clear & clean the kitchen counters every night before bed
  30. go through file cabinet, clear out & update files
  31. create a medicine chest with all the basics à because I’m a mommy now J
  32. go through clothing & closet, discard, clean out things not being used or worn
  33. create a blog vision board
  34. return anything belonging to other people that’s hanging around the house
  35. dust more frequently
  36. vacuum the rug often à rug + long hair shedding machine otherwise known as our dog, Nikki = bad!
  37. give, donate, get rid of the storage box filled with totes we don’t use, old laptop cases, free giveaway backpacks, etc…
  38. write down the birthdays of all my siblings, nephews, nieces, cousins, etc… in a calendar and send card & gift on said birthday
  39. go through jewelry, anything broken get rid of or fix, 
  40. go back to gym, start yoga again, firm up stomach and hope pray that stretch marks disappear
  41. finish for once and for all my recipe binder & maybe start cooking again
  42. be grateful for everything in my life always!
  43. come up with a system to track our personal finances and USE IT!
  44. organize my computer, organize desktop, programs, documents, bookmarks etc..
  45. start twittering!!
  46. clean up my email inbox labels, folders, get rid of junk mail, unsubscribe to list
  47. decorate the nursery
  48. have a chaos free home, Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome
  49. try my hand at candy making
  50. pay off my student loans! seriously that money would be better spent on shoes
  51. do laundry more often so it doesn’t pile up - and by ‘do’ I mean wash, dry AND put away
  52. Floss more - As my bro-in-law the dentist says “only floss the teeth you want to keep”

Because this is my little game, I'm setting the rules; the list is in a random order, each week I will pick one of the items and take it on for the week and report back here. 

Happy New Years 2011 Everyone!!! 

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