Monday, January 10, 2011

Dreamin' of an iPad

I'm currently in the process of cajoling, persuading, seducing, begging, pleading, convincing my husband that I need an iPad. Things are looking good so I've gone ahead and picked out a few options for a case. 
Hmm...which will it be....?

In this color it will never get lost at the bottom of my bag..
Salvatore Ferragamo
Everyone needs a little Chanel, especially a quilted iPad case!
Of course Oscar calls these 'clutches' - how chic! Python skin in vivacious red = ultra luxe!
Oscar de la Renta iPad Clutch
A great option to 'toss' in your weekend bag
Marc Jacobs
So rugged looking and the shoulder strap is genius. 
Temple Bags
How charming? An iPad covered in French script 
Vintage French Script IPAD Case
dixieswindow on Etsy
Ohhh...yes please!!
Kara Ross - iPad case - ideas for her - holiday shopping
Kara Ross 
Just plain fun :)
Etch A Sketch Case

Do you have an iPad? Do you love it? 
Can you recommend any good apps for the iPhone/iPad? 


  1. I have been lusting after an Ipad for awhile now! I would be so excited to get one! By the time I actually get one they will probably come out with something newer and better! I vote for the Chanel case! Also love the Kara Ross Snakeskin one!

  2. I had no idea so many great covers/carries existed. Mostly because I don't have an IPad myself! ;) Whatever you pick will be amazing, these are all so great!

  3. I have an Ipad and I love it! I am really loving that Chanel case! Beautiful!

  4. I have an iPad and I have a boring case. For a touch of Whimsy I am loving the Etch a Sketch one..and when I am in Fab mode I could totally see me with the Kara Ross one!

    I only really use the apps to tweet and read blogs. The best app in my opinion for reading blogs is MobileRss it syncs with your google reader..It is the coolest things!


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