Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hostess Gifts with the Mostess

My dear friend S. is headed down this weekend to the charming city of San Fransisco, California. 
Why, you ask?
Well let's just say a young man is trying to charm her socks off and he wants to introduce her to his parents.
Yep, that's right the big 'meet the parents' weekend! 
Here's hoping it goes better then this fiasco :)

We were discussing hostess gifts and came up with some very fun ideas. 
One of my all time favorite gift is an orchid plant (are they considered plants or flowers??)
 easy to care for 
 will last longer then your stay 
(which is more then can be said for some of the other ideas we came up with as seen below)

She was partial to the candle route. 
How lovely is this Diptyque indoor/outdoor candle?

Diptyque - Figuier Large Candle Indoor & Outdoor Edition

A sample box of mini candles is the perfect way to introduce your gracious hosts to this iconic scented candle company.

Diptyque - Set of Mini Candles (Baies, Figuier, Roses)

A classic choice is chocolate. 
Leaving them with sweet memories of your visit is always a good idea :) 
I'm a huge fan of Godiva chocolates (who isn't??) 
They actually have a section on their website just for hostess gifts. Love that! 
While we were browsing around for the perfect gift for her to bring I saw something that got me giddy with excitement! 

Top Chef Just Desserts Chocolate Gift Box

Did you see this episode of the Top Chef pastry show Just Desserts?? OMG! I loved watching it, it was so fun to see all the best parts of  Top Chef but with cakes, candy and chocolate as the pastry chefs battled it out! 
I personally thought it was a great season, the contestants were hysterical (Team Go Diva anyone??)
Okay, back on topic. 
This was S's top choice. Um..can you say delish! 

Bakery Dessert Truffles

You can always go the standard route and buy a cookbook for the woman 
Bon Appetit Desserts:
Bon Appetit Desserts Cookbook 
or a cookbook for the man :)
Beer Lover's Cookbook
or something funky for the household
Rose Stem Cleaner
Rose Stem Cleaner
Rose stem cleaner!! 
Isn't that called gardening shears? I don't make these things up people. 

I'm waiting with baited breath to see what angle she chooses to take with her hostess gift (okay not really with baited breath but I will tell you what would make me breathless with excitement is if she comes back with a little something on her finger....)

What is your go to gift of choice? 

Happy Thursday lovely readers! 


  1. I always go the candle route because I looove a good candle. Fun post - Looove your blog!

  2. You can never go wrong with an orchid - they are so elegant and last for ages. I would love someone to buy me a dipyque - i got one for christmas and need to increase my collection! I totally love them!
    Great post!
    Rachie xo

  3. love the orchid idea! and they aren't that expensive if you go to your local lowes or home depot. and they normally have them in pretty white pots all ready to go.

    thanks for stopping by the blog! today is the last day for the hickory tree giveaway:

  4. lovely things! love the orchid. am following, check out my blog? ahh i do love candles...
    Flossie xx

  5. I love candles but those chocolates...OMG!

  6. Orchids all the way! but I wouldn't say no to Godiva...mmm

  7. I love the orchid idea. How exciting for your friend...

  8. Did she come back with a sparkler?


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