Monday, January 10, 2011

Nail Color of the Week

The most frustrating thing to discover, after spending time doing or getting your nails done, is a chip. So I am excited to share with you a tip I learned this week (from experience, you're welcome) 
The following day after your nails are painted apply a clear top coat. 
You should have already applied a top coat right after painting them so this would be application #2 of a top coat. 
Repeat this the next night as well (application #3) and your nails will amaze you with how long the polish lasts. Because it's a clear top coat you can literally just slap it on, just be sure to let it dry so there are no dents or creases in the top coat that will decrease the shine. May I suggest doing this while browsing your favorite blogs.... :)  
I went a whole week wearing Do You Lilac It? and I got so much pleasure from beautifully polished chip free nails.

As for this week's nail color, here it goes: 

(one of my all time favorites!!) 

It's hard to see the color from this picture or even from the bottle. The true magic happens on your nails. Depending on if it's natural or artificial light the colors range from green to purple to blue and every glittery iridescent hue in between (can you hear my love for this coming through? :).

What are you wearing this week? Or are you going au naturel?


  1. This color Is so amazing <3
    But in the week I often wear bride colored nail polish or nude ;)
    To your last post I have an iPad and it's so great !
    My favorite app is speaking Tom is a very funny app :D


  2. Love this color!!

    Happy Monday Darling! xo

    Oh, and have you checked out my $75 EmersonMade GIVEAWAY yet??

  3. Omg..I am such a nail polish snob. I bought a new color this week by Rimmel called Grey Matter..too bad I haven't found the time to paint them yet! Gets pretty hectic around here some times!

  4. Really beautiful :)



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