Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hair Today...

I know the saying goes "here today, gone tomorrow" but in the case of my hair I'm hoping it'll still be around tomorrow so let's just take a look at some ladies who rock their hair look no matter the color or style.  

This is one Hollywood 'It' girl who, in my opinion, always looks amazing. 
She's true L.A style, always put together and above all her looks seem effortless. 
rocking the brown
I love the color & cut!
ps - this dress was a favorite of mine
classic Cameron

Nicole Richie has really come into herself in the past few years. 
{Side note}
 Did you see her wedding dress?? 
An incredible Marchesa gown. 
{end side note} :) 
Her look has really developed. 
Do you remember this?
Like I said she's come a long way. 
Now she's got great hair & color!
love the bangs on her (although the tan is a little strong)
great cut!
perfect highlights!

One of my favorite photos of all time of my next hair crush, well in her case it's an all around crush. 
perfect color, perfect smokey eyes
Some other great looks from Heidi..
what a work of art! 
so smooth & sleek 
incredible color!
volume galore

Who's your hair icon right now?
Blonde, brunette, redhead, short, long, up, down - how do you wear your hair?

P.s - can you tell I'm in the blonde camp right now :) 


  1. These are three of my favorite ladies. I am totally blonde camp. My motto is the blonder the better. I do love brunette hair just not on me!

  2. These are great picks, but I also love Drew Berrymore's hair and also Mila Kunis's hair is amazing!!! I guess I look more at brunettes!

  3. Hair has always been my downfall. Since I chopped it all off and went with the pixie cut, my life has been a dream. I still so admire hair from afar though! Wish it could be me . . .

  4. I just found your blog through A CUP OF JO and it's ADORABLE! Feel free to stop by over to my side, I think our blogs are very similar :)


  5. This is perfect inspiration on a bad hair day here. I also LOVE Nicole's bangs and re-invention in hair cute. I've been trying to decide what to do with my long "mommy hair". I've heard Keratin treatments are helpful. Anyway, I love your blog (it is a relatively new find for me) and have tagged you with the "Stylish Blog Award". I hate dropping my URL, so if you'd like to accept and learn more, just follow my signature to my blog link (A Dance With Grace is the name) and you'll find a link to your blog as well. Thanks for the fab post!

  6. I love Cameron's hair in the first pic!!!

  7. LOVE this post! i think my hair icon is kim just looks so voluminous and healthy! i am debating trying a digital perm....


  8. Girl even though I'm a brunette, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a blonde. I think it would be a fun thing to do sometime....but it would be hard on my dark dark hair! I love Heidi Klum because she WAS brunette, and now she rocks that blonde love love her.

  9. That Marchesa....*in my Rachel Zoe voice* I die!

  10. Loved this post, Ruthie!! I think Heidi Klum has great style. Yeah, she wears some pretty short stuff, but I would too if I looked like her. ;) I think Nicole Ritchie's dress is one of my favorites, ever!

  11. Adore this post! I agree- Cameron's hair always looks great. And Nicole's is perfection as well! Oh and her dress- to.die.for!!! xoxo, Annemarie

  12. I've always loved Cameron Diaz's hair!

  13. My favourites are Cameron Diaz and Heidi Klum. beautiful!

  14. I love Heidi's hair, Olivia Palermo, Nicole's hair ... honestly I love the hair of many celebrities and I am not surprised that they always look so beautiful because they have a team of hairstylists and makeup artists that follow them every step.


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