Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Weeks Task: Mission Impossible

I'm generally a very positive person. 
Always looking on the bright side. 
Glass half full
But not today. 
If the title of this post gives anything away I'm not quite feeling up to this weeks task: 

As you know from here I'm working my way through a list of traits & habits I hope to acquire throughout the year & tasks I wish to accomplish. 
As a new mother (coming up on 4 months next week) I'm just figuring out the ebb & flow of my little guy. 
Well, today has been particularly challenging (due to some teething I think - WHAT?? I thought that only started once the memories of labor and sleepless nights were forgotten, seriously someone needs to write an expose about having children :) ) so due to the fact that I'm not in a particularly 'good' mood rather then work on this task I have just asked my darling husband if he doesn't mind having a 'guys night' with some friends tonight so I don't have to be nice to anyone and I can just blog all night undisturbed. 
I'm not proud of it but I hear tomorrow will be another day and maybe I'll be up for giving this weeks task a try then. 

Any good advice other then vodka & m&ms to get through a hard day with a baby, pet, older kids, boss, slow computer, fill in your own blank.......? 

My entire household would appreciate it :) 


  1. Oh Im so sorry that you are having a bad day, sweeetie..I bet tomorrow will be much better
    Sending hugs and kisses

  2. Love the new header Ruthie.
    My advice, always remember that you can get through anything. Seriously. Every stage is so fleeting, you'll get past,

  3. I'm sure that tomorrow will be a much better day.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. I feel the same way and take it out my hubby too! It is exhausting taking care of a fussy baby. Teething is the worst. Chassity is right though there are challnages with every age so we just have to tough it out and know we can handle it! Thinking about you, I know its hard.

  5. Aww, so sorry! No good advice here, no kiddos yet... but hopefully you can have some "you" time to help reduce some stress!

  6. Totally feel your pain - having 2 has been such a challenge in comparison to 1 for me, so I GET IT! i have 'those days' a lot. Hmm....what helps me? yes some time away from anyone else in the family (even the dogs) and maybe a little wine and Real HOusewives of Beverly Hills.....ha!!!!

  7. I'm a new mummy too : my little boy will be 3 months old next week ! Very hard some nights or at the end of the day ! When I'm feeling this way, I give the baby to my husband when he comes back home and try to get some sleep a little bit... Or I buy some shoes ! :-))

  8. I had one of those days today..I read magazines or indulge in something that I loved to do pre baby....and I read blogs!

    Those days will come and go. Just do your best!


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