Friday, January 21, 2011

Dream Dressing ~ All Dressed Up....

I'm sure scenarios like this never happen to you. 
{Set the Scene}
late at night, closet cleaning in sweatpants and a ponytail
Going through your clothing & shoes, reminiscing over each piece, remembering the occasions you wore it, how good you looked, how great you felt!
And before long you're wearing the outfit from your favorite memory. You just had to try it on!
Before you know it your dressed divinely head to toe with no where to go...
But at least you feel amazing as you keep sorting through your closet, making a pile to donate to Goodwill :)

all dressed up and no where to go


  1. This is such a great outfit - you have put everything together so well that i can really imagine wearing this. Love those earings and of course the louboutins...and the dress too! (EVERYTHING THEN!!)
    Rachie xo

  2. Great outfit, once again! That dress and shoes are gorgeous! So, right I would have no where to wear this! Maybe a wedding?

  3. Haha, yes I totally do that. Thankfully my in laws are the best babysitters in the world so my hubby and I go out often.

  4. Cute outfit! I have a dress similar to the pic, except mine is strapless! although, I prob couldnt fit into it anytime soon! Love the earrings!

  5. oh my gosh!I don't know where that dress is from, but I have something very similar saved under one of my wishlists on shopbop or modcloth! I love the silhouette of it- it's almost Mad Men-ish! Happy Weekend, love!

  6. wauw wauw wauw!! This is something I could totally wear!!! Amazing picks, I love especially the dress, shoes and earrings and clutch (ok I love everything haha :p) Thanks for sharing!


  7. omg i love that dress!! where is it from??

  8. That whole look is pure perfection

  9. I love trying on clothes and doing a mini fashion show..its the best in other peoples closets too haha

    such a cute dress!


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