Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's About Time Y'all

{if you're wondering, no I'm not southern (I totally wish I was!!) but I do listen to a lot of country music so a twang slips in from time to time :)}

I would like to introduce you to the bane of my existence (see below for definition) 

'the bane of somebody's existence or life'

somebody or something that is a constant source of trouble or annoyance

Meet Nikki ~ our Labrador Retriever
Nikki (wearing her Halti


I seriously love this adorable dog (I totally get the whole 'puppy eyes' thing now) but it sometimes most of the time feels like I have two babies, because let's face it I do :)

We rescued Nikki from a local branch of the ASPCA and by 'we' I mean my husband. There is something you have to understand, I am was scared of dogs my ENTIRE LIFE!! Seriously petrified of them. So you are probably wondering how I came to be the proud loving owner of one. He brought her home one night!! (okay it might have been the night after our apartment was broken in to and he was trying to protect his family) Can you believe it?? When I tell you I wouldn't walk from my bedroom to the bathroom with out him holding her back for the first two weeks I wish I was kidding. 
Well, that was almost two years ago and we have very much become a dog family. The funniest part is that when I'm walking her and another dog/owner duo comes up to play I'm still a little skittish around other dogs, hahahaha :) 

Back to my above reference of her, the whole 'constant source of trouble or annoyance' I truly love her, I do, It's just that she picks highly inconvenient times to bark (after the baby has just gone down for a nap), need affection (when I'm having 'Ruthie alone time') or choosing to rub up against me when I'm wearing all black and about to go out :)   

She's a beach lover just like her momma (trying that on for size, I'm not sure if I'm the type that refers to their dog as their baby or not, hmmm) 
Our life has definetly been enhanced by her pressence in it, although I am still trying to get over the shedding hair (EVERYWHERE) problem. 

Do any of you have a furry family member? And any advice for the constant dog hair issue?


  1. We have a cat. Before my son was born that cat was our baby. We even paid $2000 for a surgery on him!!! Then my son was born and the meowing right by the swing and waking him up began. I thought he was less cute. Then my daughter was born and now the cat sleeps in the bassinet when I take the baby out in the morning. YAY, hair in the bassinet. Needless to say, the more kids you have, the less cute (and quiet/well behaved) our pets get! ;) We try to give our kitty special attention every now and then, but it's just not possible to do what you used to do with your pet now. Good luck! Dogs are way more loud! ;)

  2. My children are begging a dog and it gets louder every year. I'd give in, but I have a fear of Lyme disease and don't want to see any ticks in our house. Maybe I will get over this!

    Your pup looks so cute!


  3. Beuatiful puppy! We have a boxer adnd while she has short hair I still find hairs everywhere. So annoying especially with a baby crawling on a dog hair covered floor. I just sweep frequently. My sister has some device that you run over furniture like a lint roller that she says works great at getting hair up, she has two labs- not sure the name or brand though. I will find out.

  4. We don't have any pets...but yours is certainly cute!

  5. And now I am feeling all guilty about not having dogs when my children were growing up. But this is a wonderful description of life with a dog.

  6. Oh she is beautiful! I love labs! xoxo

  7. Oh she is adorable! i am with you though - i have two cocker spaniels. so in effect, i have my two real kids, my husband whom i consider a 3rd child, and my two furry kids. the furry kids also bark at inopportune times and see fit to lick their nether regions on beds and couches. mmm! however they are effortlessly loyal and we love them just as much as any human family member - actually probably more than some! hahahaa...great post.

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