Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dream Dressing ~ Classic with a Bit O' Luck

I'm a huge black & white girl. 
Besides for being easy to throw on & look fabulous with little effort it just appeals to the symmetrical, clean lines, modern style loving part of me. 
But every so often I like to spice up the classics and since I'm having a major (read: super huge) love affair right now with green I thought it would be the perfect accent color for this outfit. 
Doesn't that scarf just pull it all together; the black & white leopard print with the green sheer is aaammmaazing, thank you YSL! 
P.S - Do you get the title?? It's corny, I know but I couldn't help myself, hehehe :) 
Classic with a Bit O' Luck


  1. Love this outfit. The black and white with pops of green is gorgeous

  2. Love the jacket! I have an obsession with coats and jackets! I need a green one and this would be perfect!!

  3. Adorable- I find green to be a difficult color, but you did a great job coordinating the look. Love the PS bag!

  4. Love, love, love! I have a similar green jacket. Now I need to recreate this look.

  5. i LOVE black and white too! especially stripes lately. i just may have to get that top :)

  6. Love this look! Now you have me wanting a green jacket! The shoes and ring are all lovely, too!!

  7. Oh I love the booties, scarf, bag and even the statement ring...gosh I love this look:)


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