Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Weeks Task:

As you know from here, every week I'm working through my list of 52 items that were my form of resolutions this year. 
I figured this was a good choice for the week as a bunch of my friends are home sick with the flu and that's the LAST thing I want!! 

I take a mix of vitamins that include a multi vitamin, Omega 3 (supposed to be fantastic for brain function & overall health!), Vitamin D and Calcium. 
Hardest part is just remembering (and sometimes the swallowing - I have appropriately named some of the pills 'horse pills' due to their size)! 

Do you have any fool proof methods for staying healthy? Any great vitamins you take?

Here's to a healthy week for all :) 


  1. I'm like you....I forget! Now that I'm not taking prenatal vitamins I always forget to take my multi vitamin. I also take calcium and vitamin d, but because those omega-3 pills are so big, I get flaxseed meal at Trader Joes. It's in powder form and I bake it into pancakes, brownies, etc so my family doesn't know they are getting their omega 3! ;)

  2. Good for you for sticking with the vitamins! I got into the habit of taking a multivitamin when I was pg. I had to take them at night b/c if I took the prenatal one in the morning, I'd have to throw it right back up. I got into the habit of taking them at night, and I still do--right after I brush my teeth. :)

  3. I love this idea for keeping resolutions! I started a list of 101 things to accomplish in 1,001 days. The only supplements I'm taking these days are biotin for hair and nails and vitamin C to keep off the ubiquitous winter cold!

  4. Hey! I just saw the comment you left on my blog - Thanks! I noticed on your Google User Page that you worked in Fashion in the big city (guessing NYC). I was looking for your email on your blog & couldn't find it; I currently work in the industry and would love to chat (about fashion, running, etc!). My email address is

    Christina :)


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