Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My 1st Blogging Milestone

Ladies, I have reached my first blogging milestone. 
Yes, you know the one where your significant other says to you 

"I feel like you are cheating on me with blogs" 

Apparently I am spending to much time on all your blogs. 
I'm willing to admit I might stay up too late some nights reading blogs
I just can't seem to help myself. 
I get sucked in like a vacuum to the dialogue and conversations happening all around the world on all my favorite topics. 
And you want to know what happens when I find an amazing blog I love, somewhere this new favorite blogger of mine has a list of all of her favorite blogs. 
So of course I must go check them out, cause if I love her I'm sure to love what she loves, and so on. 
Before you know it, it's 1 am, he's long gone to bed, even the dog is sleeping and I can't sleep because I'm super charged with all the creativity I just encountered. 
All I can think about is attempting DIY projects, baking something, putting together an outfit, organizing anything, making a picture wall, painting every surface and wall in the house, refurnishing a piece of furniture, sewing something, etc.... 

So I just wanted to thank you all for enriching me with your friendships, readership (a word?) and talents.
He'll get over it.....
(I hope!! Cause this blog thing ain't stopping, hehehe :) 

I'd love to hear if any of you have encountered this yet? Any good tips for sneaking the blogs in while he's not looking? :) 


  1. lol! Too funny! My hubby hasn't been upset about me being on the computer YET, but sometimes he rolls his eyes when that's all I talk about! ;)

  2. My hubby doesn't say much. I try to stick to a schedule. I blog during the day when he is at work and at night after I have spent time with the family. It's a win win. Take it one day at a time...and please don't add twitter to the madness. That's something else to keep up with but I love talking to my blog mamas in real time! No peer pressure to get on Twitter!

  3. Seriously its an addiction that I don't have time for!!! I love blogging and reading what other people are doing. BUT sometimes it makes me feel i'm not doing enough, aaakk!! I am with both Lisa and Mimi - my husband does some eye rolling and definitely makes fun of me when i'm poring over other blogs on my ipad while he's watching whatever show he's settled on for the night. And say no to twitter!

  4. YES!!! My husband says all the time you going to your office to hang out with your other family "the computer" I am really bad I spend way too much time on blogs! But like you I love it!

  5. My hubby says my computer is the other man in our relationship. You're not alone! :)

  6. oh my, did i write this? my bedtime is 2am...i'm usually blogging and knitting at the same time. I wish they'd invent something that scrolls and clicks for you, cuz I need two hands on my needles. humf. Anyway...go to bed when he does and when you hear that first little snore, jump out of bed and go back to your computer :)

  7. All the time! My hubby says, "Are you in love with me or your blog?" heheh that's when I pull the cord and shutdown the laptop

  8. My husband doesn't say anything to me about my love affair with the cyber world, because I am mostly on my computer while he is at work. But my doggie hates it! He pouts when he sees me break the laptop out! It really upsets him! I tried to stay off the computer yesterday and doggie spent the day on my lap! I am sure he was in heaven!

  9. It's official - you're a bonafide blogger. Get it in while football's on and by the time it's over you can turn your attention over to him. Works every time :)

  10. Oh, yes! I especially understand the late night blog reading and then being all hyped and excited and brimming with design ideas . . .

  11. Too funny, girl! I'm not married, luckily! So I can be on blogs anytime (: But you're sucks the time out of the day!! I could be on for two hours but feel like I was only reading for 10 minutes (: Welcome to blogland!


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